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Tara "Spider" Gray-Wolfstar
I can?t remember a time when I couldn?t, or didn?t, draw. I believe my tendencies toward body art began around nine or ten years old. I was on a swim team every Summer and made pocket change by doing Sharpie® tattoos on the other swimmers at the meets. This evolved into full body painting masterpieces at Summer camp. In my late teens and early twenties, I was always the one asked to do face and body painting at parties and festivals. My early studies in the theatre led me to special effects makeup and temporary tattoos. Even throughout my nursing career, I remained active in the temporary body art world. It always bothered me, though, that my masterpieces, which often took hours to complete, were just washed away in the end. I needed something more permanent for my art.
My chance finally came when a friend who had an incredible backpiece introduced me to his tattoo artist. I hung out at this poor guy?s shop and drove him nuts until he decided I wasn?t going away, so he might as well put me to work. Thus began my apprentice-ship. I did the traditional apprentice-ship: Mopping floors, hauling trash, scrubbing tubes, making stencils (by hand....We did not have the luxury of a thermal copier), running for lunch and coffee, handling the front counter. I spent many hours looking over his shoulder, just watching. I tattooed fruit, other apprentices and myself for what seemed like forever before he finally allowed me to tattoo a real live person. That moment was one of the scariest in my life, but also one of the happiest. ( Especially when I wiped the line I had just drawn and IT DIDN?T DISAPPEAR!) I continued to work for him for awhile and eventually went my own way and with my partner, Wolf, opened Enchanted Ink in 1998.
For me, nothing is more satisfying than creating an original piece of art permanently on a living canvas, and then to have my client exclaim, "That is EXACTLY what I wanted!" So many people have told me of their tattoos, "It?s a beautiful piece, but it?s not what I asked for." I don?t ever want to be that tattoo artist that does only what I want on a client because "I?m the artist and I know what?s best." The relationship I enter into with my clients is very intimate in its own way and they put their trust in me. I don?t ever want to dishonor that.
The best part about this is that I come to work every day looking forward to it. How many people can honestly say that they love what they do? It?s hard work owning my own business; I?ve never worked harder! I?ve also never felt so good about what I do.

Wolf's Staff Character

Gwynn "Wolf" Wolfstar
Gwynn "Wolf" Wolfstar, RN, BSN, BA began piercing a few decades ago while working in the emergency department. In moments of boredom, paramedics and EMTs would often have Wolf pierce an earlobe or two. In the mid to late 1980s, friends began asking her about more complex piercings that they had read, seen or heard about. To her surprise, more was being pierced than just earlobes. She did a bit of research and studied the art by Fakir. Little did she know that it was only the beginning to a career in body art for her.
Wolf left traditional nursing in 1997 to be a co-owner of Enchanted Ink, LLC. She has since performed thousands of piercings and has become quite the master. As the piercer, she has literally pierced people from all over the globe. She has taken the seriousness of piercing a bit further than most. She and her partner, Spider, have held workshops for doctors and nurses on the proper care of piercings and how to properly remove jewelry. She has led discussion groups with Colorado University, Boulder, students and multiple half-way house clients about safety concerns when getting a tattoo or piercing. She and her partner were very instrumental in the development and passage of State legislation and Boulder County regulations pertaining to body art.
Wolf has written articles for medical publications and in turn, many articles about her and Enchanted Ink have appeared in local news, State publications and National medical professional journals and magazines. As of late, she and the Enchanted Ink crew can be found in Treasures of Boulder and will also be featured in American Journal of Nursing.
Wolf and the Enchanted Ink crew continue to strive for nothing short of excellence in the field of Body Art. Enchanted Ink has been runner up Best of Boulder multiple times and selected as WestWord?s Best of Denver in 2005. Wolf takes that genuine care behind the scenes as well. Enchanted Ink has donated thousands of dollars in silent auction gift certificates for: Boulder Shelter for the Homeless; Open Door Fund (multiple GBLT sponsored events); Boulder County Cares (for the homeless); Boulder County Health Department sponsored events (O.A.S.O.S.); Radio Reading Service of the Rockies; Eldora Mountain Snowboard Club; Ski & Snowboard Club at CU; Attention Homes for at Risk Youth; The Community Foundation; Boulder County Aids Project; College of Wicca; Berthoud High School; Nederland High School; Boulder High School and Fairview High School. Wolf et al have also participated in research with the C.U. Speech department and have also donated to tsunami victims in 2003 and Hurricane Katrina victims 2005.